Bandits, Bears and Spiders

Intro: After waking up the adventurers explore Oleg’s trading post and talk to the new arrivals. The discover that the guards had been requested by Oleg long ago to deal with the bandit problem and have only just arrived. Another arrival was a priest of Erastil. He asked the adventurers to go to an old temple of Erastil and remove a spirit that’s haunting the place so he can continue his journey and restore the temple to it’s former glory. The party heads off via some unexplored land.

Bandits: They come across a man made clearing in the woods and discover some bandits of the five the only woman of the group is obviously in charge here. The party can see that she wears a stag amulet around her neck. The ranger puts on a stag amulet and uses the cleric as a false hostage and strolls into the camp, the first bandit doesn’t care and says report to Kressel (the woman.) She sees through the ruse and sounds the alarm, a thunder stone that disorients the ranger and cleric but the rest of the party charge in to fight. They are victorious. The party loot the bodies and the entire camp using a cart at the site to return the goods to Oleg’s

Oleg’s: The party keeps the second stag amulet, some combat gear, all coinage and one bottle of glowing liquor, the rest is sold to Oleg. They rest and head off at dawn.

Bears: This time the party travels straight to the destination that the priest gave them. It is a large temple so they don’t miss it. In it’s courtyard there is a fountain of cure light wounds. A bear then rushes the adventurers, after it’s killed, the body fades rather than rots, the temple looks less decayed and brighter and the adventurers return to Oleg’s to inform the priest.

Oleg’s: Upon arrival everyone is cheering and the captain of the guard and Oleg shake your hands and explain that they have noticed decreased bandit activity, handing the party their cash in Gold Pieces. Talking to the priest he is extremely grateful, and offers his spellcasting services for free for life, they can find him at the temple. The party rests again.

Spiders: The party decides to charter more land and after a couple of hours exploring, they find a deep ravine, inside the ranger spots a creature which pounces at them, the druid charms the creature and tried to defend it but the rest of the party ignore her and kill it. Inside it’s den they find the corpse of a bandit with yet another stag amulet.

The party returns to Oleg’s and rests.



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