The adventurers receive their letters from the swordlords to charter the greenbelt and prosecute any bandits in the area, they head south and meet in the courtyard of Oleg’s trading post, owned by Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana Leveton. After you’ve introduced yourselves to each other Svetlana came out with bread and stew and told you of their situation, bandits are arriving on a monthly basis to take any new stock they have, they even stole her wedding ring, and the bandits are next due at sunrise. The adventurers devise a plan to ambush the bandits by letting them walk in and slamming the gates shut, trapping them inside. A fight ensues, and the players are victorious after slaying Haps Bydon and his three cronies. Zebedee was knocked unconscious but was stabilised by Pinatikk Nhee Nebaeheda Oaenal Baerkraerae. the adventurers offer to donate the loot to the Levetons and a deal was struck to split it, The players kept the gold, alchemist’s fire and a stag amulet, whilst the Levetons took the leather armour and weapons. The bodies were burned and the horses were led inside to the stables. Svetlana offers the adventurers a permanent resting place if they choose to stay whilst on their quest in the Greenbelt. The adventurers head to their room to rest.



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