First Steps

After resting at Oleg’s trading post, the adventurers took a look at the notice board and decided to hunt a Tatzylwyrm. Whilst travelling south, they came upon a field of magical radishes that was inhabited by some crazed Kobolds under the influence of these radishes. After calming them down, they led the party to their lair. On the way the Gnome heard a familiar giggle from a bush but couldn’t work it out. They reached the Kobold lair and the inhabitants were very happy to see some people who might be able to help them. They were very eager to strike a bargain, where the party would destroy the Mites in their lair to the North and retrieve a sacred statue, and the Kobolds would give shinies and a peace with Oleg’s trading post. The adventurers made their way through the mite lair destroying them all and some giant centipedes that were being bred there and a Kobold prisoner named Mikemek was rescued. In the main chamber they destroyed the mite lord and found their loot which contained the sacred statue and a note that said the Kobolds held a human ring. Upon returning to the Kobolds, they all cheered and threw a feast, the statue was returned, a peace established and amongst the shinies the human ring was found which the party established was Svetlana’s. They spent the night and then made the trek back to Oleg’s where they recieved the rewards for establishing a peace with the Kobolds and returning Svetlana’s ring.



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